From Girlhood Dreams to Glamour Queens: Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment Review

Lush products have always been good at making women feel like little girls again. Remember how gorgeous adult cosmetics and bath products looked to you when you were little? The pearly pink lipstick colors, the beautiful ladies on the boxes, the designs on the exotic-looking bubble baths: they were magical, sweet-smelling items that we weren't allowed to touch. They made us dream of a day when we could have such wonderful things for ourselves.

All of the Lush products are designed to bring back that little girl feeling in a woman, and the Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt is no exception. It should belong on your "favorites" list now, along with their fizzy Bath Bombs and Emotibombs, which are to-die-for items in their own right. The bath melts decidedly deserve an epic ode of their own, though, and they are just as much a credit to the lavish Lush line.

The first thing you'll notice about the Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt is its sumptuous-looking pink color, the pink of Jayne Mansfield's lips, or whipped strawberry frosting. Lush is so good at making their bath products look delectable, adding to an experience that tempts all of your senses. It's easy to believe that they shaped it like a cupcake just to tempt the users even further. Like their Buttercream Bars, they look and smell good enough to eat.

All of Lush's items are handmade, so that means they vary slightly in look, but that only adds to the intrigue. It's nice to know that you're using something that is not only made with care, but is different from what anyone else has. The custom nature makes for an expensive item at 7.95 each, but it's worthy of being a luxury. The list of ingredients includes only natural or safe synthetics, so it's sumptuous enough to warrant a splurge.

The Marshmallow Melt is not an overwhelming scent. It's a subtle, sweet smell that's deliciously nice without being cloying, much like cotton candy. One of the best ways to describe its smell is that it's what pink seems like it should smell like, if the color itself had a smell. Much different from the deep, heavy perfumes that smell more womanly, the bath melt smells young and hopeful. It's a definite spirit lifter when you need a boost. Maybe that's why they call it a melt: it melts your grown-up troubles away.

For those used to the fabulous Lush Bath Bombs, it should be pointed out that this product is different. It's not meant to be fizzy or make bubbles. It doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve. It's simply a bath softening product with a mouthwatering scent. If you know what to expect, though, you will not be disappointed. There's a reason the initials of the product spell out "MMM." It's what you'll say when you use it!

The instructions call for dissolving one of these in a hot tub while it fills, and while the temptation is great to get in before it's done, it is decidedly worth the wait. It's so nice to slip into the water after it has been softened with the cocoa butter and almond oil ingredients in the bath melt. The softening effect is less oily than a bath oil, but your skin will feel just as soft and silky, only without the residue that oils leave. For extra softening, glide some of the bath melt directly on to your elbows or feet.

The Lush Melting Marshmallow Melt is easy to crumble up, so you can dole it out a little at a time, but on those days when you need to unwind, an expensive, heavenly-scented bath will make you feel like Marilyn Monroe as you soak in the tub. And didn't we all want that kind of glamour in our lives when we were young? Indulge the little girl in yourself, or pass the extravagance on to a friend as a gift. Your childhood self will thank you.

Written by: Elizabeth Kelly


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