How to Wear Stilettos

It’s the ultimate symbol of the sexy, femme fatale, the stiletto is no ordinary, every day shoe. The stiletto is of such significance to some women that Victoria Beckham reportedly said she couldn’t go to an exercise club because she wouldn’t be caught without her heels. Surprisingly, this shoe didn’t make the fashion scene until the 1950’s when such glamour stars as Marilyn Monroe made them an essential part of their persona. The sexy heels that made such a statement in the early 1950’s seemed to disappear from the landscape until making a comeback in the early 2000’s when the shoe became popular office attire among young women. Since then, shoe fashions have come and gone but the stiletto has remained an important fashion accessory for today’s contemporary feet.

Although the stiletto adds a touch of sensuality to an outfit, it would not be deemed a practical shoe. The discomfort associated with walking around on high, thin heels all day can take a toll on even the toughest feet. The force exerted by a stiletto heel on a surface is enough to damage some rugs and flooring. Not to mention the undue strain it places on your legs and back. Despite all the apparent drawback of wearing stilettos, if you want to experience the thrill of slipping on a pair of these ultra glamour heels, here’s how to do it right:

How to Wear Stilettos?

How to wear stilettos: Choose them wisely

Particular care should be taken when choosing a pair of stiletto heels. These are among the most uncomfortable shows known to womankind and fit is absolutely critical. If you want to experience any degree of comfort, stay away from stilettos with pointed ties. You don’t want cramped toes when you’re trying to walk around in six inch heels. When you try on a pair of stilettos, walk on them in the store repeatedly before purchasing them. If you experience discomfort in the store, imagine how they’ll feel after walking on them for several hours.

How to wear stilettos: Wear them primarily on special occasions

A stiletto shoe is the perfect shoe for a special event where you want to look feminine and feel glamorous. The heels can add inches to your height and make your legs appear longer and slimmer. They’re not a practical shoe for the office or any other setting where you’re going to walking or moving around a lot. Plus, unless they’re worn with the most conservative of outfit, they’re probably going to cross over the line of what’s considered appropriate office attire. Save them for your next big evening office party.

How to wear stilettos: Practice walking in them

If you plan on wearing stilettos to a party, wear them for a few hours each day before the big event. You want the leather to be stretched and as soft as possible to increase your level of comfort. Plus, you’ll want to acquire the ability to walk in them without looking awkward. Stilettos aren’t sexy if you can only hobble around in them. If you’ll be wearing them to an event where there will be dancing, practice dancing in your stilettos before you go.

How to wear stilettos: Practice restraint

Stilettos are a sexy, glamour shoe in and of themselves. Resist the temptation to wear them with a short skirt, fishnet hose, or a dress with a plunging neckline. Instead of looking like a 1950’s glamour queen, you’ll end up looking like you came from the red light district. You’ll be remembered at the party but maybe not for the right reasons.

If chosen properly, stilettos can be a fun fashion accessory for a special evening out and they’re an interesting break from the more conservative flat heeled shoe. Why not give them a try?

Written by Dr. Kristie


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