Outside the Jewelry Box

Jewelry BoxJewelry has been an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe for centuries. Although the first pieces of jewelry were probably created with bones and teeth for adornment, the ancient Egyptians incorporated precious stones thousands of years ago.

Today, celebrities are often seen wearing a beautifully designed piece, created specifically for them. The glamorous fashion statements that modern celebrities make create an aura of intrigue around them. Spectacular pieces of jewelry enhance the image of a beautiful and refined woman. Every woman wants to look unique and be noticed.

Keeping that in mind, look for jewelry pieces that not only appeal to your eye, but ones that can also create an extra bit of flash and dazzle. To look enchanting, one only has to think outside of the box, explore new possibilities, and break away from the routine of always wearing the same pieces in the same manner.

If the purpose of jewelry is to make a woman look and feel more beautiful, then it should adorn the woman in an unforgettable manner. Jewelry, like other fashion accessories, can be used to pinpoint attention to our best features and draw it away from our less favorable ones.

  • Larger, flashier earrings will draw attention to the face.
  • Sparkling bracelets will bring notice to slender wrists or ankles. If your thighs are generous, wearing an ankle bracelet will draw the attention to your more delicate ankles.
  • Attractive rings can draw someone’s eyes to delicate hands.
  • A jeweled belt, one on which a pin has been attached slightly off to the side or a glittery chain has been secured around, will draw attention to a thin waistline.
  • A beautiful necklace in conjunction with a plunging neckline creates an unforgettable image.
  • Doubling up on the pins or arranging them in a draping manner across the bodice is sure to attract interest. Select pins keeping in mind certain themes that will make them easy to wear together. Several small holiday pins create a festive look when worn together.
  • If your hair is your crowning glory, attach pins to a hat, scarf, or the lapel of your coat for that added pizzazz. Jeweled hairclips also strike a bit of added interest.
  • Braid several dainty pinky rings close to your scalp for an elegant look.
  • Wear several small charms or rings on a chain around your neck for an extra bit of sparkle.

Create your own traditions or trademark. Learn from the celebrities. Glamorous jewelry can do more than look pretty. It can enhance a woman’s own sense of beauty, adding sparkle and glamour to an already delightful image.

By Susan M. Keenan ©2005


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